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What does a Root Design Look like?          Schedule a Meeting

Why a Professional Design is important:

Fixing Problems:
A professional design can address problems areas and come up with a plan to address them correctly and on paper so everyone is on the same page.

A Design is important if you have a budget.
We can get very detail information about  material and labor cost to match that budget

With a Design, we have a solid plan!  We have  details of the work and cost breakdowns to install your landscape.  There are no "Surprise" cost or aspects of your landscape at the end of your project.

Plant Material
With a Design, your plant material is pre-selected based on the overall design concept.  No picking plants based on what's on sale, or looks good the week your project is being installed.  With a Design, plants are picked for year round interest, size factor, water needs and climate location in your landscape.

Installation is Easy!
With a Design, installing your landscape is efficient!
No "What's next" moments.  
A design allows for time management and preparation on our end to install your yard efficiently so you get to enjoy it sooner then later.  

Full Landscape Design Fee*:  

Small Yard:     $250 - $500
Medium Yard: $500 -  $800
Large Yard:     $800 -  $1,500

*Each yard is unique and may require specific design elements another yard may not need.  Your design fees will be quoted accordingly based on the scope of design work to be done.  

We will  be happy to come and meet with you to look at your property, discuss aspects of your yard and quote a design fee at no charge.

After a Design fee is agreed upon, the Design process will begin

     Don't need a Full Design? Consider a  Consultation Only  
Full Landscape Designs Includes:
Initial meeting with Professional Designer
Site analysis
Designer will gather information about customers ideas and needs
Budget may be disclosed
Date will be set for time to review concept drawing
Concept Drawing will be Created by designer

2nd Meeting
Review Concept Drawing
Make design changes as needed
Material Discussed
Plant material
Final Professional CAD Drawing is prepared

3rd Meeting to review Final Drawing
Prints of Final design delivered to customer
Estimate to complete project is presented
Line Item cost per element in Design

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